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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Storybook Dinner

This past week I pulled out one of my favorite little recipe books and let the kids help me make dinner. My kiddo's love playing pretend and reading storybooks. I have one child that is gluten and dairy intolerant and so when it comes to recipes I feel like I had gotten stuck in a rut by not trying new recipes very often. Really though, with a little thought any recipe can be easily adapted and so on this day we decided to try some Storybook recipes and also link to Our Simple Country Life and Brambleberry Cottage
This whimsical and beautifully illustrated cookbook is Once Upon a Recipe by Karen Greene. We chose two recipes; Thumbelina Burgers and Tinkerbell's Buns.
My son can not have wheat or dairy so we prepared this recipe for him by baking a wheat/dairy free pizza crust until it was nice and crisp. Then we used a pizza cutter to cut the buns out of his pizza crust and for ours we used bread slices. We did not have any tofu for this recipe so used our left over bread and pizza crust for bread crumbs instead. 
For Tinkerbell's Buns we used gluten free pancake mix and almond milk for substitutes. Ours were not raspberry though... they were made with some homemade blackberry jam given to us by a friend, mmmm!
Of course, Thumbelina burgers and Tinkerbell buns are quite small so we had to add tortilla chips as a side item. This storybook dinner brought a little joy and togetherness to our evening. They have been flipping through the book trying to decide what we should make next. I decided that tonight before bedtime we will be making Winken, Blinken, and Nod Tea :)  You can find more gluten free ideas at these blogs, Every Day Tastes and at Yay for Home!


  1. Wouldn't this be fun to do for a little girl's play date, all dressed up as princess and Tinker Bells?

  2. How cute, Sabrina! And I love the names for the treats. It makes mealtime more fun for all. ;)

    Thanks for joining Time Travel Thursday. Hope to see you each week.

    Liz @ The Brambleberry Cottage