"Create in me a clean heart, O Lord, and renew a steadfast spirit within me" Psalms 51:10

Friday, December 9, 2011

Story Time Fort Kits

 My grandsons have been hard at work making homemade gifts, they have lots of friends and wanted to make something special for them. Their mother, knowing how much they love playing "pretend", decided they would put together a "Storybook Fort" for their friends.
My daughter involved all her children in putting together the "Story Time Fort" Kits. First was to find a twin size sheet that would serve as the "tent".  Our grandchildren have an extensive library and wanted to share some of their books. They chose several books for each kit, depending on the age of the recipient and tied them up with raffia.
                                                                                  They also made a sock puppet that corresponded to the books chosen to gift to their friends. Their mom helped with the eyes and hair. 
Mom then made a pouch and included clips to hold up the tent, glow bracelets, and a book light. The books went in the pouch as well.
They are learning about poetry in homeschooling classes; so it was their task to come up with a poem for the "Story Time Fort" and WooHoo!.....A "Story Time Fort Kit" was created. 
My guess is this might be THE hit under the Christmas Tree for those kids, better than playing with the boxes; which is what our kids did while their toys just gathered tinsel under the tree.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Homemade Knitting Loom

Check out the easy homemade knitted scarves my grandsons have made for their aunts and cousins for Christmas.

 Blessed with a big family, my daughter needed to find a homemade gift that her boys could make for their aunts. She found instructions for this cool homemade knitting loom, made from an empty toilet paper tube and craft sticks. She substituted pencils for the craft sticks and they seemed to work much better. The yarn was easy to slide off the pencils and the loom was just the right size for little hands to grasp. Following is a link to instructions to make the loom and to learn spool knitting: Spool Knitting

The picked their favorite colors and went to work creating "one of a kind" gifts for their aunts.  So much better than buying yet another bottle of lotion at the dollar store! What a great lesson they are learning about the true spirit of Christmas

Once they knit an appropriate length to enable them to loop a couple of times they will pass on the projects to their mother.  My daughter will then join the ends together and squish them in the suitcases for a 3000 mile plane ride home. Woo Hoo, that's my Christmas gift; she can just put bows all all their heads and I'll be a happy camper!

They are proud of their creations and their aunts will get a cozy scarf to keep them warm this winter.  They also made their mom some headbands which she loves, so soft, not those headache bands that she has always dreaded to put on.  Aren't they just the best boys ever? Of course, they are!!